SAMTA (South African Muslim Travel Association) was established in the late 80’s with the first chairperson being Mr. Mohamed Kajee of Safeway Travel. Our executive was made up of the late Boetie Moola, the late Rashid Mayet, the late Omar Joosab (OJ), the late Wahied Kazi, Rashid Ebrahim, Noorjehan Vadachia, Mrs. Rasool, Faizel Sungay & Nazir Malek, all of which being the "Giants of our Industry". The above members were also present at The Union Buildings where they met with Minister Aziz Pahad to discuss the formation of SAHUC (South African Hajj & Umrah Council).

The objectives of the Association:

a) To promote and maintain amongst members the highest standard of efficiency and integrity.
b) To ensure that members provide the travelling public with the best possible service at all times.
c) To publicise the membership of the Association and the variety of services offered by members to the public.
d) To provide a forum for members to meet to consider matters of mutual interest.
e) To project, promote and develop the interests of members.
f) To uphold the Code of Ethics of the Travel Fraternity and of the Association.
g) To do all such things as may be in the best interest of the Association and its members.
h) To support or oppose any legislative or measures which in the opinion of the Association affects the travel industry or the Association.